Humanitarian Campaign for Venezuela

The AVVC in collaboration with other institutions has been conducting a campaign to collect medications and basic resources to help institutions in Venezuela that provide services to the elderly and abandoned children.

We collect donations during all our events (please visit our Events pages for specific dates and locations).

Since 2017 we have collected donations that have been sent to the institutions that we are helping. The monetary donations helped us to pay for shipment of the aid we received and to buy and send medicines. Our deepest appreciation to all of those who have made this camping possible specially to our volunteers and to those local business and individuals who have supported our camping.


How to make a donation? (we are a 501(c)3 organization registered in the IRS)

   Zelle: [email protected]

   Venmo: @avvcboston

By credit card:

We prefer to receive monetary donations because we have a specific list of needs by the institutions that include medications that can only be acquired with medical prescription. However, if you have any medication that you no longer need and has not expired you can bring it for donation. Please remove any personal information from the label but leave the name, strength and dosage information so that we can identify and catalog it. In high demand are medications for treating chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, seizures, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

We Also receive donations of Medications and food supplies:

We also need over the counter medications such as analgesics (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, aspirin), cold/flu relief medication, antacids (omeprazole, zantac), vitamin supplements ( B, D, calcium, folic acid, iron), multivitamin supplements (for adults or children), diapers (for adults or children), and baby formula. You are welcome to bring these to our events. Please make sure that the medications are not expired or will not expire in the next 3 months.

Food donations (canned meats and tuna, rice, grains, sugar, flower, pasta, etc), for the children in the orphanage we also collect chloting, shoes, and school supplies).

If you bring medications or  supplies please consider giving a small donation to cover the shipment cost (estimated to be $2 per pound).

By Check:

payable to: Asociacion Venezolana Virgen de Coromoto

Send it to our address: 9 Sergi Lane, Billerica, MA 01821


Links to reports of the Venezuelan crisis:

ABC’s Nightline: Venezuela Descent into Chaos (Feb 14th, 2017)

Our Campaign:

 In order to be most efficient and make our campaign cost-efficient we ask for online donations. Be it monetary using paypal or by choosing from our registries. (please see below).

We have chosen three institutions that receive the donations send and help directly the people who are more affected bey the crisis: the poor, whi can not afford the current price of medication, abandoned children and elderly. The first institution is a health center that provides care for families in need and the second is a nursing home for mostly abandoned women and the third institution is a center that care for children that have been abandoned by their family. We have reliable contact and information that guarantee the proper use of the donations collected by us.

The most difficult medicines to find are those that require medical prescription. So we have teamed-up with pharmacies to purchase the medications in Florida, where Venezuelan prescriptions are accepted.

The monetary donations will help us to purchase these medicines from Boston in a Pharmacy in Florida.

We also recive all kinds of medications as long as they are not expired and are not in the list of controlled substances of the DEA.